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Research Professor Georgios S. Stamatakos
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE)
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Director and Founder, In Silico Oncology and In Silico Medicine Group (ICCS-SECE-NTUA)
Member of the Board of Trustees, Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi)

Visiting Professor, Medical School, University of Saarland, Germany (1/7– 15/9/2019)

Visiting Professor, SECE, NTUA (2016-2019)
Iroon Polytechniou 9, GR 157 80 Zografos, Greece
E-Mail: , Tel. +30 210 7722287   



Skype: georgios.stamatakos

Tel.: (+ 30) 210 772 2287


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