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Artificial intelligence based analysis and modelling of resilience after breast cancer treatment

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In silico systems for well-being: A short Greek-Israeli paper on artificial intelligence (AI) based analysis and modelling of resilience and related aspects of life during and after breast cancer treatment, presented at the Virtual Physiological Human Conference 2020 (VPH2020). The corresponding work, being part of the European Commission funded project BOUNCE, was led by G. Stamatakos.

Citation: Evangelos Chatzidimitriou, Eleni Kolokotroni, Ruth Pat - Horenczyk, Shlomit Perry, Yaira Hamama-Raz, Salomon M. Stemmer, Chariklia Tziraki, and Georgios S. Stamatakos, “In-silico systems for well-being: Artificial Intelligence based analysis of psychological, mental, functional and quality of life aspects of life after breast cancer treatment,” Book of Abstracts, VPH2020 (Virtual Physiological Human Conference 2020), Paris, France (online), 24-28 August 2020, pp. 573-574.


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